I am a published writer and poet living in the beautiful Mid-Murray region of South Australia. 


I completed studies in Professional Writing in 2013 and since then have also obtained certification in Freelance Writing, Non-Fiction Writing, Writing Effective Persuasion and Memoir and Journal Writing. 

I have won a couple of awards and published a lots of poems, short stories articles and reviews.

My first solo collection ‘Time Like Coins’ was published in December 2108. Copies are available through online bookstores, through my publisher, Ginninderra Press, or you can contact me directly for a signed copy.

‘Time Like Coins’ - Ginninderra Press 2018

‘Time Like Coins’ - Ginninderra Press 2018

I also provide writing services to small business and not-for-profits, a personalised poetry service and teach workshops and classes.

When I'm not immersing myself in all things writing-related, I happily divide my time between part-time work, volunteering, reading, art and family. Life is good.



'Introduction to Creative Writing' classes - 

'Loved the course! I have learnt so much especially about poetry. Colleen is a very learned tutor. Great fun.' - Wendy Mansfield

'Colleen helped me discover an area of self-improvement that I honestly never believed was in me. Thanks.' Mike Elmes

'I liked the course as it has given me an insight into writing. The course has opened my mind to possibilities.' Liz 

 'Thank you for giving your time so generously,                                                                    

Having such high expectations for us to achieve,                                                                

Always being helpful and encouraging us,                                                                            

Never being critical of our efforts but always accepting what we did,                          

Knowing what we were capable of,                                                                                          

Showing us your expertise and sharing it with us.' - Mary Sayce


'My goodness! You have said so much in so few words...Very intense.'  Val Cox

'What a wonderful poem, very thought-provoking.' - Marie Window

'Really strong and vibrant story in that piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing.' - Joanne Hughes

'Beautiful words, crafted together to give a sense of joy and wonder.' - Karyn Baker.

'You took me there! Beautiful.' - Wendy Mansfield

'Such beautiful, romantic words.’ - Sandie Kuehne

‘You have a wonderful way with words..’ - Wendy Mansfield

‘Thank you Colleen for the lovely little poem.’ - Valeska Carter

‘Thanks for sharing your poem. Sometimes it is exactly the right message at the right time.’ - Joanne Hughes

South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Entry:

'Every drop a Diamond' is a poignant piece by SALA Festival artist Colleen Moyne and extremely fitting for the theme that has profiled SALA at Mannum this year ... 'Water ... Our Life Source'.

Colleen's expressive poetry is fitting to make us appreciate the importance of  rain and our great waterway, the Murray River as a lifeline to us all.

This is the first time we have had the art of the poet presented at the Mannum SALA. You must stop and read the poem, it will make you think about the value of every drop of rain.

Colleen has paired this with a drawing and framed the entire piece in a perfectly matched frame. Thank you Colleen for sharing all your talent.’


'Very happy with the story. Colleen is a very insightful writer. Thank you, Colleen. Perfectly captured.' - Steve Oatway, artist.

'Really well-written article.' - Scott Rathman, Indigenous artist and Cultural Facilitator.

'A great, tightly written and straightforward piece.' - Alex Robertson, Adelaide Plains Poets Inc.


2013 - Winner - Mindshare 'Open Your Mind' Poetry Award.

2013 - Winner - Adelaide Plains Poets / Gawler Community Gallery Eckphrastic Writing Challenge.

2015 - Shortlisted - Mindshare 'Open Your Mind' Poetry Award.

2016- Shortlisted -Mindshare 'Open Your Mind' Poetry Award. 

2017- Shortlisted -Mindshare 'Open Your Mind' Poetry Award. 

2018- Longlisted - COTA award.

Published in the following collections:

First solo collection, ‘Time Like Coins - Ginninderra Press 2018.

Pure Slush Books - Seven Deadly Sins, Volume 4 - ‘Sloth’, Volume 5 - ‘Wrath’ and volume 6 - ‘Envy.’

‘Platinum Poems,’ Frances Folk Gathering.

PBAFM ‘Well Versed’ audio book.

Valley Voices Literary Review.

Voice of Eve Literary Magazine.

A Quick Read - One Minute Stories from Around the World.

Winged Pods - An Anthology of Hope

Reflections on Pinery.

Fairy Tales Twisted Sideways.

Aspiring Writers 2014 Winners Anthology